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Emergence cover with MC Yogi

Project Highlight


Published biannually by the Metta Center for Nonviolence, Emergence is edited by our own Kimberlyn, who as creative director also oversees the magazine’s production. As of the Summer/Fall 2016 issue, the magazine will be known as Nonviolence.


Cover image courtesy of Metta Center for Nonviolence
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“If you’re looking for someone who can meet a deadline before the date arrives; generate solid copy with an interesting angle; support your big idea with an effective strategy: You’ll be delighted to know Kimberlyn at Changemaker Communications—she has a gift for generating compelling solutions that can add value to your brand.”

~ Jessica Boylston-Fagonde, creative director, yoga teacher, speaker

Magdalena Concepts owner

Featured Client


Magdalena Concepts produces ethical fashion that’s conscious of global history and social issues. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Magdalena Concepts makes its t-shirts and totes with local raw materials and under fair working conditions.

Photo courtesy of Magdalena Concepts, Inc.


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Some of Our Latest News & Ideas

The Work of Change

We can make the old model of violence, greed and hatred obsolete.

“Only if we can stop the terrorism in our own hearts will we be able to stop terrorism in the world,” writes Alice Walker.

Transformation is never an overnight process. And we can’t always see the various stages clearly. Sometimes they shift or even seem to regress. Like the butterfly that begins as a caterpillar before evolving into a winged beauty, change can look awkward, ugly, backwards.

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TEDx: Okke Ornstein on Libel Tourism & Free Speech

As an investigative journalist, Okke’s work has covered corruption and other injustices in places like Syria, Kosovo and Afghanistan. While he has managed to avoid being disappeared in some of the world’s most dangerous places for journalists, he has not escaped one of the nastiest threats to free speech: libel tourism.

Okke was recently invited to present at TEDxPuntaPaitilla, where he spoke about libel tourism and advocated to turn Panama into a free-speech haven.

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For the Love of Nonviolence

“Building cultures of peace is long-haul work, undramatic and unheralded, and often infinitely tedious, and most of the people doing it probably don’t even think of themselves as practitioners of nonviolence.” ~Carol Lee Flinders

Nonviolence offers us a practical, clear path to non-harming and dismantling structural violence so that we can transform ourselves and the whole of society.

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